Have you recently read that there are a number of MLM companies that are running scams?

Unfortunately this is how the good MLM companies get a bad rap, but there are some scams out there, and you need to learn how to identify these before you get involved. These are just a few tips to help you look before you leap so that you don’t get scammed by MLM companies.

Tip #1: Do Your Research on the Company

The first tip to follow so that you don’t get scammed by MLM companies is to do your research and educate yourself on the company that you plan to join up with. It is best to look at the history of the company, so those who have been around for a while have more credibility. You can research almost anyone or anything online these days. Those who own their own business know that it generally takes about 5 years to grow and reach a point of stability.
One other question that you want to ask about the company is whether or not they are publicly traded. When a company is public it is easy to find their information as well as study the trends of their growth. It is not uncommon to find companies like this that have joined a Chamber of Commerce, which means that they are known by the people.

Tip #2: Better Business Bureau?

One other tip to avoid being scammed by MLM companies is to find out if they are registered with the Better Business Bureau. Those who have had bad experiences with an MLM won’t hesitate to report the company, and those companies that have nothing to hide are more than happy to join the BBB. While you cannot please everyone, it is best to join up with a company that has some accountability in the public eye.

Tip #3: Determine if the Product is Viable

Do you believe that the company you wish to join has a product worth buying? When you decide to become a part of an MLM company you will have to sell a product or service, so if you cannot conceive that you can sell the product then you may want to back out. Many people have been scammed by MLM companies by signing up, paying to join, then not getting any training on an actual product.

It is always in your best interest to find out what the product is first, and then determine if you can market it to a wide audience. Is it something that almost anyone can use? Is it something people will need in the future?

These are all great questions you should ask before joining an MLM company of any kind!

Let’s face it. There is a ton of buzz out there right now about MLM companies and how great they are. Sure, there are some good ones and there are some bad ones, but what is the difference between the two, and how do we know which is best? Learning a bit about both and how they function can help you determine whether or not you feel suited to work for an MLM company, or a direct sales company.

What is an MLM Company?

The acronym MLM stands for “multi-level marketing”, which means there are various levels of marketing available in order to earn at a certain income level. For example, you can become a member of the company for a small investment, learn your product or service, and then get others to join you and build their own business as well.
The key here is that you can build your own business, and in the process you can earn money without restrictions. What you get out of it is what you put into it, literally. So, these companies allow you to earn as much as you want, but your earnings obviously come from including others in the company, training them to do the same, and then earning what we call a residual income.

While some companies are more reputable than others, the fact remains that an MLM company give you the freedom to work as much or as little as you like, and your earnings are driven by the choices you make by whether or not you are actively recruiting others or you are solely selling your product or service.

What is a Direct Sales Company?

With direct sales you are essentially going door-to-door, or in other words selling direct to the consumer. In this case you are not necessarily recruiting others to work for you or with you, but you are selling direct for your own benefit. The challenge with direct sales is that you are typically a wage earner that is working for someone else, and ultimately there is a cap on the commissions that you can make.

Direct sales companies are also known for giving territories, in which you are assigned to a region which means you can market to the masses, but you throw a way marketing dollars when someone else in your company has that territory. Make sense?

I know that an MLM company of any kind can quickly get a bad rap because of other bad MLM companies out there, but each of us has to decide to educate ourselves first then make our own decision.

Is Your Funnel Leaking Profits?


Is Your Funnel Leaking Profits?

Are you frustrated with losing money that should be going into your pocket and into your bank account? The truth is a sales funnel should be just that; something that is creating revenue for you rather than taking it away. So is your funnel leaking profits? There are several reasons that this may occur, and the challenge is in finding out how it’s happening, then fixing it!

Be Attentive to Your Leads

The whole point of your sales funnel is lead generation, but if people aren’t getting to you then you will never be able to capture that sale. This could happen in a number of ways including answering your phone when customers call. No one likes to wait, and if they do have to wait most people will begin to look elsewhere. This might sound antiquated in an age when everything seems integrated through internet and so impersonal, but the fact remains that people like it when you pay attention to them.

Is your funnel leaking profits because you don’t have a true sales process? Every sales job should have some sort of sales process and if it doesn’t then the salesperson will fail every time. There must be a pathway by which you lead the customer, and that is usually incorporated with the business model as well as what you say to the customer. It’s about the way you speak, act, and think, and how you couple that with your business.
Your sales process also means that whether or not you made a sale that you should have a strong follow up and follow through. Those who don’t will discover that the customer or enrollee in some cases will lose interest and drop out. Not only this, but you run the risk of losing a customer when you don’t follow up with them to see if they need anything more from you.

Funnel Leaking Profits? Stop the Leak!

Be absolutely sure that once you are aware of a leak in your sales funnel, that you identify it and stop it as soon as possible. Finding out where this leak is will help resolve the problem much faster, just like a leaky faucet at home!
Be sure that you are attentive to what is going on with your customers and those you enroll, so that your business is growing rather than falling apart at the seams. Don’t work hard in the beginning to let it all fall apart when you could be growing your business and your profit.

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This is an interview our team did with the co-owner and affiliate manager of My PC Backup to answer all your questions and put your mind at ease about the company, crediting, billing, payouts, and haters that are trying to stop you from making easy money online!

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Has this ever happened to you? You interview for a job and you are excited about it, but once you start that job you realize you don’t like it, and it isn’t at all what you thought you were signing up for. There are thousands across the country that are getting tired of the rat race and are looking for something more than just another job. Have you ever considered a home based business?

What is Your Passion in Life?

We all have favorite hobbies and activities that we like to do, but what is it that you are most passionate about? Do you love animals? Do you love wickless warmers? Whatever your passion is in life you can follow it knowing that there are others just like you that don’t want the daily grind but are searching for something more out of life than just having a job.

If you know what your passion is, then you should follow it. Following your passion makes it easy to choose a home based business, and following that passion makes it easier than ever to be successful at running that business. Have you ever noticed that it is much easier to complete a project when you enjoy it? The same is true of your work, and when it is less like work and more like fun then it will be a lot easier for you.

Happiness and Passion Breed Sales

I have friends that tell me all the time, “We can tell that you really enjoy what you do”. This is the key my friends; having a passion that runs so deep that it makes you happy and others can see it in your face. It’s great to make a difference in the lives of others, but that you can also encourage others to find their passion as well.
A home based business is great for those who know what they are passionate about, because it is easier to match up with a business that embodies that. Those who might be unemployed are great candidates because they have the time it takes to dedicate researching and learning more about home based business opportunities. The other consideration one should make is that there is plenty of time to dig in and challenge yourself in how quickly you can become successful when you put everything you have got into the whole project.

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